Da Vikidia, l'enciclopedia libera dagli 8 ai 13 anni

Benvenuto, my name is Mike1023. I'm an user of the Dutch WikiKids and since a few months I'm also active at the English Vikidia.

I can't speak any Italian, but I like to hear the language. I love Italy, San Marino and Malta. I see very much progress at the Italian Vikidia and that's nice to see.

I'm here to make interwikies and I hope I can help also with solve problems. I'm very good with projects and finding users.

I want to re-start the German Vikidia in a few years, but at first I want to do something about the English Vikidia.

Qeustion? See my talk page.

Thank you - Dankjewel - Merci - Danke schön