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Vivi-1, Benvenuta/o su Vikidia !

Ti do il benvenuto su Vikidia, l'enciclopedia dedicata ai lettori dagli 8 ai 13 anni

-Fraf (discussioni) 21:53, 7 giu 2013 (CEST)

New ticket in english (can't post it in "Demandes auz Developpeurs" because of abusefilter)[modifica wikitesto]

Hi. I was trying to post a request to developers to implement this decision (the part about Captcha test), but abuse filter sopped me beacuse I was writing in English (but my French is not good enough :/ ). Could you please take care of it (or translate it in French and post it for me on the proper page)? Thanks in advance :)

Please change settings for Extension:ConfirmEdit on it.vikidia
I already posed the problem before, but I think now I have a solution as well :) The fact is that according to the Extension's description the "math test" we use on vikidia to prevent spam is not efficient at all (and the five thousend useless usernames on it.vikidia seem to confirm that). On the other hand, the same extension offers other types of test which provide much stronger protection. I would focus on "ReCaptcha":
  1. it is an external service incorporated in the extension, so there is no need to install another one: you just need to change its settings and it will do the rest :)
  2. it is much more difficult for bots to break
  3. it is not difficult at all for children to use (as it is used by many other websites)
  4. it provides visual impairment support (you can skip the visual test and submit an audio test), which other captcha tests do not provide; this allows any kid to use vikidia while efficiently keeping away bots
Some other suggestions:
  • I would avoid using other systems, as they are either too easy for bots to break or too difficult for 8-years to use
  • Note that you need to obtain an API key to use the ReCaptcha option (but the MediaWiki manual I linked at the beginning explains perfectly how to do it, so it doesn't look too difficult).
Feel free to contact me (either on my fr.viki talk page or on it.vikidia.
By the way, consensus for this change has been reached on it.viki here (my second message introduces the topic, other users are favourable and there were no objections).

--Dry Martini ma ai piccoli solo aranciata 22:26, 21 dic 2013 (CET)

Thx for your participation. This will be apllied in some days (due to other project) on ALL our wikis (YEAH).
Vivi-1 (discussioni) 22:56, 21 dic 2013 (CET)
Yay! Thanks. Oh, by the way: in the same thread I gained some consensus for receiving "abusefilter" flag. Can you assign it yourself or should I contact Astyrmays as usual? Bye, --Dry Martini ma ai piccoli solo aranciata 19:30, 22 dic 2013 (CET)
This is not my work, will be better to contact Astirmays Vivi-1 (discussioni) 21:30, 22 dic 2013 (CET)
Ok, thanks (anyway, Linedwell had already noticed Astyrmays about my request and the consensus :) ). Au revoir! --Dry Martini ma ai piccoli solo aranciata 14:30, 23 dic 2013 (CET)

Ex-administrator[modifica wikitesto]

Hi! I saw you removed your admin flag. Thanks for being a sysop here, you are always welcome! --Dry Martini ma ai piccoli solo aranciata 15:13, 25 dic 2013 (CET)

Hi. IT don't need me any more. There is some good hands to maintain it. Feel free to contact me for any technical problem. Vivi-1 (discussioni) 15:16, 25 dic 2013 (CET)
Alright, thank you in advance :) --Dry Martini ma ai piccoli solo aranciata 15:18, 25 dic 2013 (CET)
Oh, btw: do you know why Special:EMailUser is disabled? I have always found it an excellent tool, especially as an admin, so I don't see why we shouldn't use it :) Bye --Dry Martini ma ai piccoli solo aranciata 15:23, 25 dic 2013 (CET)

Re:User:Comedia[modifica wikitesto]

Thanks, we'll keep our eyes open. --Dry Martini ma ai piccoli solo aranciata 14:51, 2 gen 2014 (CET)

Re:Burocrate[modifica wikitesto]

Thanks! --Dry Martini ma ai piccoli solo aranciata 11:39, 8 gen 2014 (CET)

abusefilter to block users[modifica wikitesto]

Hi. We reached consensus about enabling "block" function for abusefilter: here the discussion. Can you please apply both the decisions? (that is: enabling the function and adding "abusefilter-modify-restricted" to the "abusefilter" flag. Not sure the names are those, better check on the proposal I linked and in the extension's manual. Thanks in advance, have a nice day! :) --Dry Martini ma ai piccoli solo aranciata 09:10, 11 gen 2014 (CET)

User rights[modifica wikitesto]

Hi! I saw you removed your user rights due to démission globale. Obviously, you're free to resign from sysadmin and developer, but I suggest you keep "autopatrol" rights, at least to make patrolling easier to us. Therefore, I assigned you again the "autopatrol" flag. If you don't want the flag at all, just let me know :) Have a nice day! --Dry Martini ma ai piccoli solo aranciata 10:00, 26 apr 2014 (CEST)